Collectible Jeweled Luxury Art Objects

Expressed in unique artistic designs and laden with precious metals and gemstones, these one-of-a-kind, exquisite, luxury objets de vertu are likened to the Imperial Fabergé Art Nouveau Easter Eggs.

The exceptional quality and workmanship in both design and detail appeal to art collectors, art aficionados and individuals with discriminating taste. 

Collectible artwork. Crafted by hand.

Vineyard Serpent Ostrich Egg Art like Russian imperial egg art piecesFirebird’s Dawn ostrich egg art like Russian imperial faberge easter eggs

"What a fabulous, fabulous concept...." Laura Rezek, Regional Manager - JCK Magazine

Fashion columnists tout, "—this is more than just an exquisite handbag; it’s a magnificent work of art."

"Simply breathtaking!"


The Eden Collection, original, one-off, objets de vertu that will not be replicated or reproduced at any time. Viewing is by private invitation only. POA. Please contact us for further information.