Vineyard Serpent - Likened to Imperial Faberge' Eggs

Vineyard Serpent is the first objet de vertu in The Eden Collection and has been compared to the Imperial Fabergé Art Nouveau Eggs by the most discerning art aficionados. 

Depicting the villain of perhaps the most infamous and well-known encounter between man and woman, Vineyard Serpent is a spectacular visual feast for patrons of the arts and of haute couture alike.  

vineyard serpent objet de art, ostrich egg art object liked to imperial faberge eggsCreated as the first piece in the Eden Collection, artisan Goldsmith Carie Fowler from Carie Fowler Jewelry Design in Michigan drew her inspiration from the Great Masters of the House of Faberge who created a series of dazzling jeweled eggs for the Czars of Imperial Russia.
Set against a rich backdrop the color of a velvet night sky, Vineyard Serpent portrays a glimmering, golden serpent that entwines itself around the base of the handbag.  Its diamond head directs attention to the opening of the handbag, while its diamond rattler tail almost twitches in anticipation. Stunning gold clusters of grapevines dripping with over 200 amethyst grapes and 22K golden leaves provide gentle shade.
Vineyard Serpent objet de art likened to Russian Faberge Imperial Easter eggs

History:  A symbol of sincerity and stability, the unique purple shades of Amethyst have been declared the "Rose de France" and were used by the ancient Romans to enhance sobriety and by the Egyptians to speak to the Gods. Diamonds have always been the enduring symbol of love but were also worn by kings as a symbol of courage, strength and invincibility. Gold is well known as a universal symbol of wealth, but it also symbolizes power, strength and perfection.  The ancients used Gold to symbolize balance in all things.

Crafted by hand. Each gem has been individually handset in 14K yellow gold. Total gemstone weight is; 6 diamonds weighing approximately .48 carats;  214 amethysts weighing approximately 32.32 carats. The purse measures 6 1⁄2” x 5” on a painted ostrich egg base and includes a hand fabricated, detachable, 14K yellow gold shoulder strap adorned with amethysts, and a 14K yellow gold pedestal for display. The lid of the purse opens to reveal a sumptuous, black velvet lining with 14K yellow gold chain trim and 3” stationary mirror. Artist signed and dated. 
Vineyard Serpent, from the Eden Collection, is an original, one-off, objet de vertu that will not be replicated or reproduced at any time.  Viewing is by private invitation only. POA. Please contact us for further information.