Firebird's Dawn - Likened to Imperial Faberge' Eggs

Firebird's Dawn is the second objet de vertu in The Eden Collection and has been compared to the Imperial Fabergé Art Nouveau Easter Eggs by art aficionados. 

Although there are several versions of The Firebird legend, the beautiful fairy tale rendition that caught my attention can be found here, and resulted in the creation of this exquisite, jeweled, luxury artwork titled Firebird's Dawn
Firebird’s Dawn objet de art, ostrich egg art object adorned with gold, rubies and diamonds. Shown on gold display stand

Intrigued by this magical folklore, I was curious as to the origin of this majestic Firebird. Where did she come from? Where was her beginning? Never finding the answer to this unknown, I decided to create her birthplace - Firebird's Dawn - an exquisite objet de vertu - featuring the Firebird's magical plumage that provides beauty and protection; her fiery wings which glitter like the tongues of golden flames; and her radiant spirit sparkling like diamonds.

Firebird’s Dawn is adorned with precious metals and gemstones; the Firebird herself perches as guardian in the center of this exquisite handbag, her birthplace.  Her ruby red wings glisten and are held at full attention. She is surrounded by intricate regal gold patterning with swirls of tiny gold beads and brilliant cut diamonds that seem to almost float in their settings, like bursts of sunlight sparkling on early morning dew.   

Firebird’s Dawn is a celebration of enduring love, resurrection, and new life.

Firebird’s Dawn objet de art, ostrich egg art object adorned with gold, rubies and diamonds. Open view
History:  A symbol of love and immortality, the ruby has been the focus of many myths and legends throughout the centuries. In ancient times, Hindus believed rubies possessed an inextinguishable inner fire, causing the stones to shine through clothing. The vibrant red gem was commonly thought by some cultures to bless its wearers with health, wealth, wisdom, and success in affairs of the heart.....perhaps it will for you, too.
Crafted by hand. Each gem has been individually handset in 14K yellow gold. Total gemstone count is 269 brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 5.29 carats and 176 rubies weighing approximately 26.99 carats. The purse measures 6 1⁄2” x 5 1⁄4” on a painted ostrich egg base and includes a hand fabricated, detachable, 14K yellow gold shoulder strap adorned with rubies and a 14K yellow gold pedestal for display. The lid of the purse opens to reveal a sumptuous, ruby-colored, velvet lining with 14K yellow gold chain trim and 3” stationary mirror. Signed and dated. 
Firebird’s Dawn, from the Eden Collection, is an original, one-off, objet de vertu that will not be replicated or reproduced at any time.  Viewing is by private invitation only. POA. Please contact us for further information.