Meet the Artist

Carie Fowler Jewelry Artist
Photo Credit Evreux Photography

After years of experimenting with a variety of mediums, I knew I found my passion the moment I picked up a torch. I began creating with precious metals and soon added lost wax casting to my artistry toolkit which led me to create my first cast piece "Hang In There", and shortly thereafter, "Rhythm Rings". These best-sellers have adorned the outfits of women for more than a decade.  

From there my journey as an artist led me to explore the art of enameling. Today, my hand-crafted, custom-designed enamel pieces are a unique statement of the one who wears them. It creates a sense of expression and beauty that highlights the individual's personality.  

I also create objets de vertu luxury art pieces that have been featured in JCK Magazine, JCK Luxury and Lapidary Journal.

Vineyard Serpent objet de art, ostrich egg art object adorned with gold, amethysts and diamonds. Shown upright on gold stand.
Firebird’s Dawn objet de art, ostrich egg art object adorned with gold, rubies and diamonds. Shown upright on gold stand.


"What a fabulous, fabulous concept...." Laura Rezek, Regional Manager - JCK Magazine

Fashion columnists tout, "—this is more than just an exquisite handbag; it’s a magnificent work of art."

My desire is to handcraft each piece, making it so unique and luxurious that the discerning collector who owns it knows they have a prized piece of art.  

Goldsmithing. Enameling. Wearable Art. 3-Dimensional Art. Combined with a unique variety of finishes to bring you exceptional timeless pieces that can be worn, displayed, and collected to express your beauty and style.

Here's to expressing your beauty and style,


Jewelry Artist and Goldsmith